How to get around

It is easy to go to beaches, attractions, taste local food or meet real at Canggu

Some useful tips before you begin your journey:

  • Ask Putu for a local sim card with data, so you can use gps and maps while travelling and easily call villa or taxis directly
  • Save the basic numbers to your address book – they are displayed on the right side
  • Use our website articles with embedded maps for navigation – they will show you the exact route
  • Remember a few local names if you are lost when walking or riding the scooter, e.g. Jl. is an abbreviation for Jalan, which means street/road, Pantai means beach, so Jl. Pantai Pererenan is a street that ends on the Pererenan Beach
  • Our Villas are in the Pererenan area, in between the Jl. Pantai Pererenan and the Jl. Padang Linjong. The street is called Jl. Munduk Batu Belah.


Explore nearby places by walking. Yoma Villas Bali is located close to many places worth visiting. Head right to a small shortcut road and stroll to Padang Linjong to see local street life and people, have a coffee or fresh juice and alternatively continue to Echo Beach. The next street of Batu Bolong is even more vibrant and you can meet more tourists at its end, where you can see the local market and the Batu Bolong Beach. If you turn left on the main road from villas, you will come to Pererenan, the local village and at the end, Pererenan Beach waits for you. Enjoy Bakso there and return by taxi. You can feel real Bali when walking around from the villas – the rice fields, working people, local dwellings, temples, warungs and so much more!


As you will soon discover, Balinese ride motorbikes – it is their only chance to get through the dense traffic. Majority of the cars on the roads are tourist taxis and local people usually do not own the car. Renting a scooter is very easy with us and you can experience fantastic things! Just tell Putu how many scooters and helmets you would like to have ready and he arranges it. Riding a scooter is cheap – the daily rental is Rp. 50.000 (approx. 4 USD). You do not have to go to busy roads, just go to local beaches or go to Finns Beach Club, which is really worthy seeing! Maybe you have not ridden a motorbike before – it is easy to learn – Putu will show you the basics and you can practice in front of the villas to gain confidence.

Car with a driver

Order a car with driver to see the more distant Balinese attractions. We have prepared a special package for you: Order a car with driver for 3 days and the daily rental will be as low as Rp. 425.000 (30 USD). This is a courtesy for our guests and you won’t find this offer elsewhere! You can set for your trip in the morning and return in the evening. Alternatively, you can split your day and head shopping or to the beach in the morning, enjoy lunch at the villa, take an afternoon nap and afterwards use your car again and head for another place and enjoy dinner by sunset. Ideal for families with small kids or anyone requiring great flexibility. Just tell Putu and your car can be ready the next morning. If you need a car just for one day, the price is 45 USD

How to plan your trip

Follow these simple steps to get ready for your exploration of Bali

We are very happy to assist you will all your plans and preparation. Putu knows local attractions and interesting places and give you the needed advice. Also, he can check the feasibility with the driver and brief him, so he is ready for your next day adventure. Planning a trip is so easy with us:


Get travel ideas from our website, tours leaflets or our team


Consult with Putu to organise places into a feasible trip


Order a car with driver the day before and arrange sooner breakfast time

Where To Go

Places Worth Seeing While You Are in Bali

Finns Beach Club

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Batu Bolong

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Padang Linjong

Local life and nature Within this short stroll, you will see all the local nature and life. Skinny dogs or...
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Uluwatu Temple

Kecak dance There are many places in Bali to see traditional crafts and arts, however, Uluwatu temple is really special...
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Pantai Pandawa

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Crafts and culture In Ubud you can see traditional nightly dance performances, you can also see regular Hindu-Balinese ceremonies. Ubud...
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Echo Beach

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Monkey Forest

In the forest, approx. 600 monkeys known as Balinese long-tailed monkeys are living. According to Monkey Forest official website, you...
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